Starting Off 2018

  • By Ashwin M
  • January 7, 2018 - 1 min read

2018 has started off slow, but steady. I’ve promised myself to NOT set any resolutions to keep up / follow for 2018. I’ve also promised myself to concentrate on one thing and ONE thing only.

Get things done. One thing at a time.

Well, in that regard, I’ve finally gotten around to setting up my Home server - It now hosts the following:

  1. My personal document store
  2. My mail server / MX (Huge shout out to the ACT tech team for getting this done quick) - separate blog post coming in soon
  3. My web server + test bed

Things to come soon:

  1. DNS resolver - WIP
  2. Plex Media server for home
  3. Other non-descript stuff that I can work with

I’ve also gotten back to cycling with much more earnest than before. I have a target to achieve this year and while this is not a resolution, It would be awesome to hit that number!

73km of Unknown done. ;-)

I think this is how I’ve always intended to live life - Take it as it comes!