And then we rode...

  • By Ashwin M
  • November 15, 2016 - 2 min read

Day one - Tour of Karnataka .

What a day! I couldn’t be happier! 150 km covered in just over 7 hours of riding…

The usual knee pain, but in all an amazing ride.

Idli and vada did not help once again… And I had to resort to energy bars to push to lunch point at 119km.

The heat almost killed me post lunch.. Hassan should be renamed HAS-ONLY-SUN. Chennai would lose hands down in heat wave comparisons.

A few things to note and a few learnings from what went wrong:

  1. Your pace matters. Not your comrades… If you have a match, awesome, else, ride solo…
  2. Random speed changes don’t work… There’s a reason “Cadence” is the undertone for cycling.
  3. Water, Aqua, hydrate the fuck out of your body… No water is dangerous. You have energy you cannot spend and you start sweating which is step 1 to bonking.

One thing that I noticed was my body overheating and complaining - basically revolting to pedal… Head -> water -> dunk.

Thanks to Chethan Ram for the amazing act he’s put together in the name of TOK!

If someone who picked up a cycle after 16 years 2 months ago managed 150km in 7 hours, a huge chunk of credit goes to the team…

It does work if you have a good leader….

More pain, more updates, tomorrow…

I will however leave you with a thought:

To overcome pain, you need to learn to enjoy it…

That’s like saying you want front row seats to a showdown between your butt and your seat refreed by a sponge wearing Spandex.