On Writing E-Mails

Apr 8, 2013 00:00 · 335 words · 2 minute read

Emails are mainstay communication tools today! In this post, I talk about some tips to help communicate effectively via E-Mail…

Important tips to keep in mind when dealing with e-mail:

  1. Hi Dear is not the right start to an official email.

  2. Reply-All is evil! Every time. Do bear in mind that internet / network bandwidth is a cost you inherently bear out of your bonus!

  3. Write small, complete sentences. It helps get your idea across. It helps relieve the reader of any confusion while interpreting your message.

    one sentence spanning a full paragraph with absolutely no punctuation chock full of sepllnig misatekes and everything from lorem ipsum all the way to incomprehensible content again chock full of non readable grammer is cannot able to help anyone reading your precious mail

  4. Every bloody editor that you use to compose emails can spell-check. Use it. If you’re using mail from the unix command-line, please close this browser window! I bow to thee!

  5. Read! Re-read! Re-read the Re-read email! Ensure you’re actually conveying the message you intend to. Long emails tend to gobble up your message in all that noise! Point #3 helps solve that problem!

  6. DO NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE. Start a new thread if you want to discuss something else!

  7. While on point #6, focus on the topic being discussed. A Reply All asking about lunch is not acceptable on a thread discussing why a bug cannot be reproduced on the developer box.

  8. Learn to take conversations offline. Email should be used to send and receive critical communication and thats that. Using e-mail as a chat application is pure stupidity!

  9. Don’t use slang. Don’t use txtspk. Don’t go LOLCAT style with Y U NO REPLY TO MY MAIL if the context is official!

  10. Last but not the least, ensure that your email is being sent to the intended recipient only or be ready to be facepalm-ed or worse, face corporate action!

Let me know if you’ve got more to add to this list… Happy e-mailing!