Draft - Go Write

Apr 9, 2013 12:58 · 363 words · 2 minute read | writing | draft | nathan kontny | collaboration | versioning |

TL;DR - I introduce a new service called Draft by Nathan Kontny that lets you write, edit and version content collaboratively.

I love writing. Not many that know me know that I write a lot!

I Freelance as a content writer. Wearing this hat, I’ve always been on the hunt for a tool that will let me write at my pace while someone else who the content is intended for can take a look and suggest edits.

I use a Mac as my primary writing tool and don’t have the kind of cash to throw at Microsoft Office. So DOCX files are out of the question. Open office and Google Docs just dont cut it for me!

So, for me, writing content has been about putting a text file across, getting / suggesting the edits, finding them and merging them into my master and rinse and repeat.

I know! Cumbersome! #fail and all that!

Enter Draft, a wonderfully simple tool by Nathan Kontny solves this particular problem.

Sign up, create a new document and get writing. Simple!

You can write in Markdown - by far my favorite means of writing content or you can create pure html too.

Once the content is ready to be shared, draft creates a share-able URL that you send across to the other person for editing.

Whatever the second party edits is held as a separate version and draft gives you an email alert once they’re done so you can merge changes back into your document.

This ONE feature is something every person wearing the writer’s hat will need!

The other feature that I love is the ability to directly publish your content to blogs - draft currently supports tumblr and wordpress.

A yet another important addition to draft’s offerings is the ability to send your document across to a professional proof-reader content writer and get the document edited for a cost. Writers looking to gain some ground and wanting professional assistance for their documents have it covered here.

I love this tool. For those that are writing blogs or are curating some high class content with a peer group, draft fills a very important void very easily.