Ive been working in the DevOps, cloud infrastructure space for over a decade. Saying Ive burnt my hands enough would be an understatement. I specialise in cloud migrations and infrastructure automation - the kind of devops-ey work a lot of organizations would love to do to get their systems upgraded.

As both a DevOps practitioner AND a mentor, Ive helped quite a few folk and organizations both small and large level up their DevOps, infra and CI/CD processes.

In a rubber duck session, Ill listen to what you have to say - about the infrastructure issues youre having, the scaling problem that burnt you recently, or even a kubernetes cluster issue that has been bugging you.

Most of the times, that is all that you need - someone in your peer group that you can trust to have committed a similar mistake as you - someone whoe been around long enough to know that youll run into a wall - A fresh pair of eyes!

Book a consultation and get unstuck!